Which type of eviction notice should you use?

Printable eviction notices must be selected properly

By Barbara Craig, Attorney at Law – Serving Torrance and the South Bay

While printable eviction notice forms make it easier and more convenient for landlords to begin an eviction, there are several variations of eviction notices to be used in different situations, which can make selecting a printable eviction notice somewhat confusing.

A 30-day printable eviction form is typically used when the tenant’s lease has expired and they have lived at the premises for less than one calendar year. The landlord can print this form and fill in the necessary information, and then mail the notice to vacate via certified mail to the tenant. If the tenant has lived at the premises for one year or more and their lease has expired, then a 60-day eviction notice is commonly used.

printable eviction noticeIf the tenant is in violation of the terms and conditions of their lease, a landlord should utilize the a 3-day notice to vacate printable eviction notice. The 3-day notice can be used to begin a legal eviction process and/or make the tenant formally aware of any violation of the rental or lease agreement. Tenant actions which can prompt a 3-day notice include:

  • Failure to pay rent as agreed
  • Willful damage to the property
  • Nuisance behavior, disturbing other tenants
  • Unlawful conduct and/or allowing the premises to be used for unlawful activities
  • Unsafe or unsanitary environment; an egregious failure to keep the premises in habitable condition

Issuing a 3-day notice to vacate printable eviction notice, notifies the tenant to correct any of the aforementioned conditions. If unpaid rent is the issue, the landlord must provide the tenant with information regarding the amount required to make the tenant current, and the location at which the tenant can send or bring the payment.

Being a landlord can present many challenges when with working with tenants. However, knowing which printable eviction notice forms to use, and the purposes they serve can greatly reduce misunderstandings and confusion.

If you are a property owner or manager with questions about issuing an eviction notice to a tenant, or have received an eviction notice from your landlord, contact South Bay Attorney Barbara Craig for a free consultation.

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