what-is-bankruptcyBankruptcy is the process in which a person who is having financial difficulty can, if qualified, eliminate all or most of their debts under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or repay their financial obligations with an approved repayment plan under a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Attorney Barbara Craig can help eliminate all or most of your financial debts through bankruptcy protection and free you from the stress of collection calls, stop repossession of your car, and prevent foreclosure on your home.

While filing bankruptcy can seem overwhelming and frightening, the process is designed to help the unfortunate but honest debtor get a fresh start so they can move forward unhampered by most preexisting debt.

Filing bankruptcy does not mean you will lose your home or car. But it does mean you can stop foreclosure of your home or repossession of your car. Bankruptcy helps you gain financial freedom by protecting your assets from your creditors. Certain debts like student loans, income taxes, or child support obligations are not eliminated in bankruptcy. But if all your other debts are wiped out, those payments may be easier to make.

As with any legal matter, an individual can represent themselves before the court. But the bankruptcy process is complex and relies on legal rules and terms that can trip up the inexperienced person. Failing to comply with the bankruptcy code can get your case dismissed without relief from your debt. Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney like Barbara Craig to help you with the experience can relieve your stress as well as your burdensome debt.