Probate disputes – the last resort

By Barbara Craig | on 05/24/2017 | Posted in: Probate

As difficult as the grieving process is when a loved one passes, it is often compounded by the task of settling their earthly affairs – paying debts, inventorying their possessions, and preceding with the care and management of real estate. These important tasks are attended to by the executor, trustee, or court-appointed administrator, depending on whether the deceased person had a will, trust, or died without a will.

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Unfortunately, even if the dearly departed left detailed instructions to be followed upon their death, disagreements about the management and distribution of their assets often arise. Many times, these conflicts can be resolved through discussion, agreement, and compromise. But when all attempts to resolve such differences fail, the probate court can be asked to decide the matter. For more information about this process and common types of disputes, click read my latest article: Probate Disputes.