Real Estate Law

Real estate – or in legal terms, real property – is land and the structures permanently attached to it. This area of law covers the ownership and use of real estate – both residential and commercial – and all the issues that come with it. The title to real estate can be owned by one person, multiple people, or a corporate entity. Due to the high value of real estate, numerous laws dictate how real estate transactions are to be performed and recorded. Real estate may also pass between family members through direct transfers or estate planning.

The role of a real estate attorney is to protect the interests of a client in many ways. The most common include ensuring that real property transactions and transfers are structured in the best interest of the client and executed in accordance with law; representing the client in disputes with neighboring landowners; and defending the client against liens or encumbrances which may diminish the value of real property or otherwise restrict the rights of a property owner.

Real estate law articles: