Understanding the Los Angeles rent control ordinance (RSO)

By Barbara Craig | on 01/19/2017 | Posted in: Landlord - Tenant Law

The City of Los Angeles RSO regulates allowable rent increases, rental unit registration, and various aspects of eviction — particularly situations in which tenant relocation assistance is necessary. 

rso rent control los angeles landlord attorney barbara craigAt the current time, nearly 85% of rentals in Los Angeles — or about 118,000 units – are covered by rent control. All rental units covered by the RSO are required to be registered with the Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) each year. A landlord cannot legally collect any tenant rent unless the annual registration fee is paid and a copy of the RSO is given to the tenant.

It’s critical that owners and managers of rental properties fully understand and comply with the rent control provisions of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. Violating the RSO can have costly implications. To learn more, check out my latest article, Rent control in Los Angeles: what landlords need to know.