Reviews of attorney Barbara Craig from Avvo, Google+, and Yelp

A family member is currently using Barbara Craig for their legal services and they are EXTREMELY happy with the services she has provided. She is personable, knowledgeable and she is very down to earth. I would highly recommend her.

I have used Barbara Craig myself and have referred family and clients to her. She does a very good, thorough job and makes everything understandable. In addition, her fees are very reasonable! I highly recommend her.

I was looking for an attorney to go over a real estate closing. She was able to explain everything to my wife and I in English (not just lawyer terminology). Extremely knowledgeable. Very reasonable fee compared to my research online. She will be the first person I call for any legal issues.

I found out about Barbara through a local Google search, and boy did I get lucky. I had received a judgement against me in court and had to immediately file for bankruptcy and was quite nervous when I had spoken to other attorneys. I was told that it would cost me thousands of dollars and my wages were already being garnished. That’s when Barbara saved the day, not only did she reassure me that she could easily get my debt discharged, she did it at a fraction of the cost I was being quoted, she also got all my garnished wages back to me ( which was a pleasant surprise :-). Barbara is very professional and easy to speak to, it truly felt like being helped by a family member instead of an attorney. I would recommend her to everyone. Best experience by a professional I ever had!