Winning an eviction case: what you should avoid doing

By Barbara Craig | on 08/25/2017 | Posted in: Landlord - Tenant Law

Eviction cases are unpleasant for everyone involved, but often become necessary when efforts to resolve a dispute between a landlord and tenant have failed.

how win eviction case - los angeles eviction attorneyThere are no winners or losers at the end of the day with an eviction case. But there are ways to tip the odds in your favor, increasing the chance for an outcome that is more favorable to you — whether you are a landlord or tenant.

One of the best ways to learn how to win an eviction case is by studying the things you should avoid doing if you find yourself edging towards, or in the midst of a legal battle in unlawful detainer (eviction) court. For a look at some of the most common reasons landlords and tenants find themselves on the short end of an eviction lawsuit, read my latest article, How to win your eviction case: what not to do.